Floor Graphic


 At shopping malls now days Floor graphic advertising became a major trend of doing advertising at higher end. Fully crowded shopping malls can be used for this purpose of grabbing zillion customers attention. Floor graphics are can be come in different size and shapes; they are very high quality in nature so that it is color won't get fed out even thousand will step over it regularly and gives flexibility in installing. Event programs and during special offers it works very effectively to create product awareness. Due to exclusive 3d graphic design we make these graphics more appealing compare to the regular graphics. People walking over it must have to see it curiously in order to know what exactly it is. This kind of advertising can divert the consumer mind while going to purchase something at a shopping hub like shopping malls. Again it is having same kind of advantages like easy to install and easy to remove. It's like if somebody will touch your product then they will think of buying your product.



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